Morgan, G untitled (2013) charcoal on newsprint. (all drawings)

Yesterday was my first ever attempt at life drawing. I went into the class very anxious, not knowing what to expect, and unsure of how I would do at drawing a human subject in real life.

We began with short five-minute sketches to warm up, instructed to focus on the form of the figure flowing as one. Surprisingly as I began I became completely absorbed, my style of drawing is very fluid and rough naturally so it was actually quite easy for me.  The last drawings we had a little longer giving us more time to focus on tonal variation.


 Our subject was a male with a very well built figure, as you can see.  The grooves in his muscles were interesting to draw, playing with the light and shade. Charcoal is a great media to use and I really found myself letting loose with my form.

I am extremely happy with this as my first time doing a life drawing of a naked subject. The human body is a beautiful thing and I really enjoyed drawing the subject. I can’t wait for another opportunity to do life drawing. Let me know what you think.



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