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Images © Georgia Morgan (2013)

In this project, the final project of the year, we were given the option of creating work based around sustainability or biculturalism. After researching multiple topics I decided to do work based around deforestation. After all, humans produce co2, which trees then turn back into oxygen. Without forests and trees we would and will all die. My chosen medias were influenced by Martin Poppelwell, watercolour and screen printing combined. Although I had very little experience with watercolour paint, I knew this would be a great opportunity to experiment with the media.

I started off by designing over 20 different concepts for my screen print, all created from abstract drawings of the cross section of a tree. I narrowed down to three final designs, which I then put onto screens and used throughout the weeks of experimenting. Eventually I chose one final design from the previous three and used that design for my final work.

 Over the weeks I set aside for experimentation I played around with application techniques of the watercolour. After multiple days of testing the media (with and without the screen print) I eventually came up with a kind of abstract textural technique which I then developed further to come up with the final work.

The final works are a representation of society using deforestation in order to further life as we know it, not thinking about the repercussions that deforestation will have for mankind in years to come. The work shows the bleeding of life from the cross sections of dying trees, which are arranged in a skyline formation to symbolize the taking of trees for the construction of these geometric unnatural and non-ecofriendly bulidings. The mirror of the design symbolizes societies reflection, as life bleeds from the trees it trickles down into the mirrored design, representing the harm deforestation is and will continue to cause for the human race.

I am very proud of this work and feel like these mixed medias might be something I could potentially continue to use while continuing to study for my Bachelor of Art and Design.


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