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When first entering the website I was immediately shown a piece of Monsieur Qui’s work. I found this image very intriguing and wanted to investigate further, this was a great first impression of the page and packed a punch. When I clicked on this image I entered the artists site, this is a screenshot of the website homepage.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 1.09.40 PM

The design of this website is very clean and easy to navigate, Above the main image there are two options, past and future, when clicking on either the navigator is lead through the artists work, the images slide across to the next, I think this is a effective way to show the work.

You can see on the home page, there are five links the viewer can choose to click on, Outside, Inside, Cut Paper, Drawings, and about… I think the use of language here is interesting and fresh, not too formal, yet clean and obvious, (Inside, Outside, Past, Future)

When clicking on either Inside, Outside, Cut Paper or drawings the page doesn’t change, just the image on the main ‘slide’. Again the past/future stays put and again the viewer can easily navigate through the artists work.

When entering the about… link, this is what is shown (below).

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 1.13.30 PM

Again this section is very simple, there is a link on the word hello, in the sentence “Want to say hello?” making it easy for the viewer to see how to contact this creative. There are also links to the creatives Tumblr and Facebook  which are clear and easy to see. I found it interesting when looking through the about section that there were three video’s to view, and that is all, there is no other personal information and/or a BIO. This is a interesting approach and flows with the rest of the website however it is not something i would personally do.

Some critiques i have for the layout/design and overall look of the website would be the size of the artists name, it is located at the top left of all pages, Although it looks interesting, it is almost completely illegible. I also think that the font on this website is inconsistent and unattractive, to me a wee bit boring, in comparison to the logo/artists name, and beauty of the work.

All images retrieved from Monsieur Qui’s Website.


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