Creating My Website

I have been given the task of creating my personal website as part of a brief given at Ideaschool, where I am undertaking my Bachelor of Art and Design.

The market I have chosen to aim my website at is that of Fashion. As I am still a young creative, I know that I am drawn to fashion and am using that as a starting point for my website, specifically design for fashion.

After analysing my identity as well as multiple competitor’s sites, I have a clear idea for how I want my website to be presented. Unfortunately I have come across a few constraints, being that the brief instructs we create this website through WordPress, there are limitations to take into account for designing this website. The main limitation would be the themes available to me on my student budget. Although these limitations stand in my way I hope to create a website I am happy with for the time being and hopefully develop it further as I continue with my study.


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